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Capsaicin Chaos - Episode 14 - The Rhiz Off



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[ The Experiment ] 

    For this episode I decided to do a little science experiment.  I had a sample of some Botanicare Rhizo Blast sitting under my sink and I have been wanting to try it out for a bit now.  I normally use CANNA Rhizotonic but, I have never actually done any sort of side by side with it or tried to put it up against just water.  I also recently acquired a 25 pack of Dragon Cayenne seeds and they have been burning a hole in my seed tin.  The idea here is I would take 5 solo cups and filled each one with 200ml of plain tap water.  I then added 5ml of Rhizotonic to one of the cups and 5ml of Rhizo Blast to another.  I then took two more cups and added 10ml of each Rhizome solution to each.  This way we can test out a medium strength and a high strength blend and see if either works better.  I left the last cup with just plain tap water and then spread my seeds among the cups to let them soak for about an hour.  I tried to put six seeds in each cup so that I could put two seeds in each starter plug but, I only had 25 seeds so I ended up putting a single seed in a few of the starter plugs.
    Once the seeds had finished soaking I took each solution and poured it into a container through a strainer to separate the seeds.  I then added 400ml of tap water to each solution to water it down a bit.  I then tossed three starter plugs into each solution and let them soak for a few seconds before dropping the seeds in each plug and plugging the hole afterwards with a small piece of the plug.  I then put each plug into my tray(that already had a few tomatoes germinating in it) and covered it with a humidity dome.
   I will update below as the experiment continues and we will do a wrap up at the end with the final conclusion.  My guess is that both the Rhizotonic and the Rhizo Blast soaked plugs will show around the same time and I'm guessing the tap water only plugs will lag behind by a few days.  For now, we sit back, wait and update as we see life.  Below I have also added a video of me mixing up the solutions, soaking the seeds and putting them into the plugs.

[ Day 1 ]

    As expected we have no life yet.  Our seeds have only been germinating for a few hours now but I will add a picture below so that we can archive what the plugs look like on day one.

[ Day 5 ]

Today is the big day that our firs seeding started to show. The seedling was one of the 10ml Rhizo Blast plugs.  Below I have added an image of the one seedling that has come out of our plug.

[ Day 6 ]

Our second 10ml Rhizo Blast seedling shows life. This is still our only seedlings to have popped.  Below are images of the entire tray with all our seeds and an update picture of the 10ml blast tray.

[ Day 7 ]

    Day seven is the first day we saw life from something other than the blast.  One of the tap water seedlings came out today and one of the 10ml Rhizotonic seedlings is just barley poking out of the top of the starter plug.  Our two 10ml Rhizo Blast seedlings are growing strong and starting ti get there normal color.  Below are pictures of today's seedlings.

[ Day 10 ]

    We officially have life in every tray.  Every seedling is more or less at the same state with the exception of the 10ml Rhizo Blast tray.  The two plants that sprouted in the strong blast solution are a considerable bit ahead of the rest of the plants.  Below are images of each tray as of day ten.  They have all been moved into a tent and are now under a quad T5 light with all 4 lights at 6400k.

[ Day 16 ]

[ Day 17 ]

    On day sixteen I transplanted all of the peppers that had come up into solo cups.  I then mixed up some tap water with HTG veg booster.  I put about two spoonfuls into two gallons of tap water bringing the PPM to about 340 with the pH sitting at 6.00 flat.  Below are images of the night after watering them and two nights after the transplant.  I like to let my seedlings sit in dry soil for a day after transplanting to help reduce shock and encourage root growth.

[ Day 24 ]

[ Conclusion ]

    Before we go into any conclusion I'd like to take a second to state the obvious.  This is just a single run so any conclusion here is not a real scientific conclusion.  In order to really get a good hypotheses we need to run our experiment many times over and look at the results of all the experiments as a whole.  With that being said in this run we saw the Rhizo Blast as a clear winner for the acceleration of our seedlings coming to life.  The blast had two seedlings out of the plug within a week.  For hot peppers this is not bad at all.  Within the next week all of the other solutions and the weaker blast solution caught up with some of the plants vegging a bit harder than most.  At the end of day twenty four we have three seedlings that sprouted with just tap, one started with 5ml of Rhizo Blast, two with 10ml Blast, three 10ml Rhizotonic and one 5ml tonic.  This is another claim that should be taken with an extreme grain of salt as genetics more than likely had a bit to do with this conclusion.  It seems that tap water and the 10ml Rhizotonic solution seemed to be the best as far as getting as many seeds out of the ground as possible.  I would like to point out the the tap water didn't have any plugs with more than one seed making it look like the best bet as far as getting as many seeds to germinate as possible.
    As far as growth at the end of the experiment I want to say right now my top three plants phenotype wise are numbers four, seven and eight.  These three in my opinion have great vigor, close node structure and great development in the foliage.  Number four was started with 10ml of Rhizotonic, seven was started using 5ml of Rhizo Blast and number eight using tap water.  It seems to me that in the long run there is not a big difference.  After the initial planting I watered every phenotype using the same solution so this really is not a surprise to me.  In my opinion the rhizome solutions are great for getting the seedling going and started rooting quickly but, in the long run it seems to be what you do after the seedling comes out of the plug that really sets the growth in motion.  In my best guess short of the initial excitement of seeing your plants come to life earlier the phenotype and genotype as well as the soil and nutrients you feed the peppers that really effect them once they are out of the ground.  In the future I think I will use a light Rhizo Blast solution to get my seedlings out of the ground then then go to my normal routine from there.

[ Outro ]

   As always thanks for reading and I hope I helped spread some knowledge.  Let me know in the comment sections below of you have any experience with similar products.  I would also love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for future experiments!  Happy growing!