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HOBloom - OSX - Prepare Your BeagleBone Black

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Below are the instructions for preparing your BeagleBone Black for installing and running HOBloom.  If you have not heard of HOBloom check out the main install guide here.


  • Download the latest Debian for BeagleBone image from the BeagleBone latest images download page.
  • Unpack compressed Debian image. It should have come as an xz file, all you have to do to uncompress this file is double click it and OSX should handle the rest.  In the steps below make sure you select the uncompressed img file and not the xz file.
  • Download PI Filler from here.
  • Insert your micro SD card into your Mac.
  • Open up Disk Utility.  This can be found in your Applications folder under the utilities sub folder.  If you like your time and don't like wasting it use finder.  Below is an image of disk utility.
  • Highlight the root object for your SD card and click the Erase button on the top bar of the utility.
  • Make sure you erase the card using the settings below to format it with a FAT partition.  You may use any name you would like but the format and scheme must match the image below.
  • Click the Erase button on the bottom right and allow the utility to wipe your card.  This will remove all data from the SD card proceed with caution.
  • Run Pi Filler without micro sd card inserted into mac.

  • Select Debian image you downloaded in the first step.  This should be an img file.  If the file's extension is xz you need to double click the archive and uncompress it.After selecting the image Pi Filler should prompt you to insert your SD card.  Be careful this next step will wipe all data from your SD card.
  • Insert SD card and continue through warning screens.  They will be alerting you that you are about to remove all data from the SD card.  Proceed with caution.
  • Once you get through all the prompts Pi Filler will start writing the image and display the screen shown below.

  • Once Pi Filler completes you will get a dialog saying your SD card is ready for use.  Once you see this you are safe to remove your SD card from your Mac and insert it into your BeagleBone Black
  • Startup your BeagleBone Black with your SD card inserted and follow the instructions found here for links to the drivers needed to connect to your device from your Mac over USB as well as instructions for setting that up.  This will allow you to SSH in and setup your wifi or wired connection and everything else you need to setup to get HOBloom running.
  • Once you have the device showing in your network devices you can SSH into it by running the command "ssh debian@" in the terminal on your Mac.  Once you run this command it will ask you to accept the identity of the machine.  
  • Type yes and press enter.
  • You will now be prompted for a password.  The default password for the debian user is "temppwd".
  • Go back to the main instructions here and continue with the installation and setup of your system

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