Monday, September 4, 2017

HighTek - About Me

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[ About Me ]

    Whats up fellow techies and horticulturists!  My name is Sean but those who know me best call me Atarimaster.  I grew up playing games and being obsessed with computer security.  My obsession with security eventually lead me to programming.  I have worked with all sorts of platforms and all sorts of languages from C++ to Python and everything in between.  My primary background is working as a full stack developer in start-up environments.
    Eventually, life tossed an Arduino in my path and I fell in love with building physical devices that I also write the software to control how they behave.  For a long time I spent all my free time either working on games or working on learning web application security as best I could but, from here on out I was a maker through and through.  I started messing with LEDs and other little components making super simple projects.
    A few years later, I decided I wanted to get some automation and monitoring going on inside of my grow rooms.  I hit the internet and was shocked at the price of very simple suites that barely scraped by on my minimum requirements.  It was that day that HighTek was born.  I set out every day to spread the word of open source grow room management software.  I hope to spread my highly inexpensive units to every grow room that wants automation and doesn't want to pay thousands for it.
    If you have any questions or would like to chat for any reason you can find all of my contact info above.  I will always respond to emails and that is the best way to get in touch with me.  As always thanks for reading and happy growing!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Twitch Grows Peppers - Live Growroom Control Via Twitch Chat!

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[ The What ]

    Is there someone out there really crazy enough to let the twitch community control the fate of his pepper plants? Yes, I'm that crazy bastard!  As many of you may or may not know I have been hard at work the past few months working on open source growroom automation software.  This software is called HOBloom and can be found at my github page linked above.  I decided to have a little fun with this and setup a small tent and allow the public to interact with the environment via twitch chat.  You can issue a command into twitch chat and every one minute, the bot will tally up all of the votes and announce a winner.  It will then do whatever the winning action was rather it be running an appliance on or off or raising/lowering the humidity thresholds.  Below I will go over all of the available commands and what they each do.  Feel free to check out the stream and try entering them in chat yourself to cast your vote!  Remeber the bot counts votes every minute so it may take up to that time for you to see the results of the voting round.  The dashboard should then update within thirty seconds to show the new changes.  You can find the live stream here.

[ The Commands ]

    Below is the list of available commands at the moment.  Leave a comment if you have ideas for more controls you would like to see and I will be sure to get them in there!

  • !turnonlights - Turn on the lights
  • !turnofflights - Turn off the lights
  • !raisemaxh - Raise maximum humidity by one percent
  • !lowermaxh - Lower maximum humidity by one percent
  • !raiseminh - Raise minimum humidity by one percent
  • !lowerminh - Lower minimum humidity by one percent
  • !turnonfan - Turn on circulating fan
  • !turnofffan - Turn on circulating fan
  • !turnonexhaust - Turn on exhaust fan
  • !turnoffexhaust - Turn on exhaust fan

[ Wrap Up ]

    This is going to be a fun little social experiment and I would be thrilled to have you be a part of it!  Come in try the commands and watch the progress of the plants from day to day!  As always thank you for reading and happy growing!