Sunday, October 22, 2017

Equipment Update!

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[ Overview]

    In the latest update, we have added a gear system! Whenever you are the person who deals the killing blow to a monster you have a chance for a weapon to drop.  Currently, we have axes, spears, swords, and daggers.  All weapons have randomly generated stats and can boost your strength, dexterity or max HP!  An overview of the new commands and equipment management system is below.  For those of you who are just hearing about the game now here is a brief overview of how it works.
    When you first enter chat you can send the message 'help' to the bot and a list of all valid commands will be shown.  You may vote to make changes to the current environment such as raising or lowering the min and max humidity, turning the lights on and off and even controlling the fans! If you like where the environment is and you don't want to change anything you can use the 'hunt' command.  Whenever you vote you will get a small amount of gold you can then use to buy potions and regain your HP.
    When you vote or hunt there is also a chance for a monster to spawn. When a monster does spawn you must fight and kill it within 15 seconds it will punish you by locking of one of the appliances in the room such as the lights, the exhaust fan or the circulating fan.  If you kill the monster you will have a chance to get an item and all players who helped in the fight(including you) get XP.  When you get enough XP you can level up and get strong in order to kill monsters faster in the future.
    If you get attacked by a monster you can type '..' in chat(two periods) to attack it.  Twitch does not let you send the same message twice within 30 seconds so to get around this block and attack multiple times add a space and random string after your attack command.  Examples of this would be: '.. a' '.. 21' '.. 6g' '..5rd'.  This will let you around the block and give you the chance to solo monsters.
    To check on your progress at any time you can use the 'showstats' command.  If you would like to see what gear you are holding you can enter the 'showgear' command.   You can also enter the command 'showitems' too see what items you currently have on you.  For more info on items and obtaining them use the 'help shop' command.
    If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me using the contact info above!  All feedback is welcome via comments, email or however you find to get in touch with me.

[ Updates ]

  • Equipment spawning
  • Equipment management commands
  • Fixed bug with monsters shutting off lights
  • Massive refactor
  • Unit testing
  • Equipment bonuses
  • Fixed bug in command verification message

[ New Commands ]

  • showgear - Show the current gear you are holding
  • se- Show your currently equipped gear
  • drop - PERMANENTLY delete an item
  • equip - Equip an item letting you gain the bonus stats it has

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