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Capsaicin Chaos - Episode 5 - Lettuce Love

Capsaicin Chaos - Episode 5

Lettuce Love

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    This week I don't have a ton of updates on the peppers as far as me changing things up.  I have been using the same solution to water them.  I gave them a slight feed on Monday(11/27/2017) night and they have been growing like weeds since.  Every plant that we have is growing strong.  I will add pictures below of each plants progress.
   The real focus of this weeks episode is going to be our hydroponic lettuce.  The lettuce is 13 day old Black Seeded Simpson and you can follow its life cycle through the precious episodes of the show linked above.  Yesterday(11/28/2017) I changed the water in the bucket for our DWC setup we have our and in our video at the top of the page you can see a time lapse of me mixing our new nutrient solution as well as the root structure of the plants.

[ PPM Bump ]

    You can follow the lettuce grow in real time  on the live stream.  The lettuce is starting to grow strong and our current solution was very low PPM and consisted of mostly rhizotonic.  Below you can see what I used for nutrients as well as the ppm and pH of the solution.

  I will continue to update you on the progress now that we have upped the nutrients in our solution.  I have had really good success in the past with the Flora Duo series.  I love the control over the mixture and being able to specifically tune my solution for the different stages of my grow.  It really helps with flowering plants like our peppers.

[ Lettuce Timelapse Video ] 

[ Lettuce Pics ]

[ Anaheim Peppers Update ]

[ Anaheim #1 ]

[ Anaheim #2 ] 

[ Anaheim #3 ]

[ Big Tai Hybrid Peppers Update ]

[ Big Tai Hybrid #1 ]

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[ Big Tai Hybrid #3 ]

[ Big Tai Hybrid #4 ]

[ Big Tai Hybrid #5 ]

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