Monday, November 20, 2017

Capsaicin Chaos - Garden Log - Episode 1

Let the indoor season begin!

Capsaicin Chaos - Episode 1

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[ November 12, 2017 ]

  Today was the day I decided it was getting too cold to keep growing outdoors and time to do a full restart inside.  I started by setting up and sanitizing a tent for germination alongside the tent I already have running with some hydroponic lettuce(black seeded simpson).  I put a few seeds in each netted pot in the pictures below with hydroton all around the seeds to keep them in place.  I then filled the bottom of the tub with tap water, added about 10ml of Rhizo Blast and balanced the pH to 5.7.  Within a few days, they began to sprout.  Unfortunately, I did not take pictured when they first sprouted. I have added pictured below of the lettuce seedlings five days after they came out of the hydroton.  I also loaded 12 solo cups with holes in the bottom of them with happy frog potting soil and put seeds in them for half anaheim and half big Tai hybrid peppers.  Below I have also added images of the tents and the room setup.

The grow tent with our lettuce and our live stream(check out the live stream here)

Here is our lettuce five days after the seeds sprouted above the hydroton.

Air pump with two air stones going into our DWC setup.

The humidifier and fan are both controlled by my free open source grow room automation system.  You can find more info here on that project.  Don't hesitate to email me using the info at the top of the page for help getting a system setup.

Below is the beaglebone running the automation software as well as two smart outlets controlling the lights, fans, and humidifier.

Here are the images of the tent I am currently using for germination.  The tent is all set up and ready for the lights to come on when all the seeds sprout.  I am currently working on automating this tent as well and will have it all wired up and done by the next episode.

Below you can see the carbon filtration system and far-red light.  The far red is also controlled by our automation system and automatically kicked on for 15 minutes after the lights go out for the night.

Below I have added images of the computers running the stream and the game in chat(more info on that here).  The black PC is running the live stream and cameras and the silver PC on top is a Linux box running the chatbot and redis cache.

[ November 20, 2017 ]

  Today we had life in three of our cups.  I have added images below to show you the progress on these plants.  So far they have been fed just plain tap water pH balanced to 6.0.  Below are the images of the plants that have shown seedlings.

Big Tai Hybrid #1

Big Tai Hybrid #2

Anaheim #1

[ Wrap Up ]

  As always thank you for reading and I will continue to bring you episodes a few times a week.  For now, I am thinking I will do small updates like this on Monday and Thursday every week.  Every Sunday I will also do a bit longer weekly wrap up.  I also plan to add my time lapse software and a camera in the veg tent and we will add a timelapse to the post every Sunday.  Let me know what you think in the comment section below and most of all Happy Growing!

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