Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Capsaicin Chaos - Episode 10 - The Growth Continues

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[ Disclaimer ] 

    I'm not sponsored by anyone or anything.  All of my projects are self funded and any products shown or talked about are purely my unaltered, uncensored opinions.  If I am ever sent a product for free or anything along those lines at all I will make it very clear to you.  I give you my word that I will never talk about anything I don't or wouldn't use myself and if a product sucks I will always tell you no matter what.  With that out of the way enjoy the episode and thank you for reading!

[ Live Stream ]

    If you would like to see the plants live at anytime day or night you can head over to my twitch channel.  The live stream shows both grow tents and is up 24/7.  The stream can be found here.

[ Intro ]


    On this episode we have some really good progress in both tents.  The lettuce has really started to blow up and is about two weeks from being harvest ready.  We are going to change the water in our hydroponic lettuce tent and give a quick update on the pepper tent.  For those who have been following along we have been dealing with seeing a few gnats in the pepper tent so I am currently letting the soil get good and dry to make sure they are all dead.  One thing I do have for this episode is a time lapse.  This one is longer than my normal and has better stabilization on the time shrinking.

[ Time Lapse] 


[ Tomatoes ]

    I have kept the strongest two of my Orange Roma seedlings.  I may only end up growing one but for now I am keeping the two that were far ahead of the rest of the pack.  For now there isn't much to update, the gallery is below but they are still very young and in starter plugs.


[ Peppers ]


    Our peppers are still drying out to ensure we take care of our gnat problem.  I did step up my IPM a bit and spray them with a mixture of Dyna-Gro Neem oil and water.  I use about 3/4 of a cap full of Neem oil and fill the rest of the spray bottle with water.  This is a bit on the strong side but, in my experiences it has always worked very well for me.  On a side note I don't recommend that you spray Neem oil on anything you plan to eat.  On my lettuce I would use a small drop of dish soap and water as well as a hydrogen peroxide and water solution.  Neem oils is known to be bad for human consumption.  If your plants are in the vegetative state you ate fine to use it but I don't suggest spraying your fruit.  I will continue to update you guys on the gnat situation but at this point I think the worst of it is over.  I haven't seen anything flying around there today and it seems our treatment is working.  Below I have added a picture of the Neem oil I use and the solution all mixed in the bottle.  Its tough to see through the spray bottle but the water ends up with a milky yellow tint to it.

[ Lettuce ]

    Our lettuce has absolutely started to blow up in size.  The time lapse above will really show it but, they have at least tripled in size over the past three or four days.  Last week we jacked our PPM up to around 650.  For this week I have bumped it up again to 740.  Just a small bump but, I have leveled out the balance of flora duo A/B I'm using.  Below I have listed out the mix I used for the DWC buckets water this week.  I have also linked the brands I use.  Again, I am not sponsored or paid by any of these brands, I pay out of pocket for all of my nutrients and if I were given a product for free or paid to try a product I would make it very clear to the reader.

[ Lettuce Root Update Video ]

[ Anaheim Gallery ]


[ Big Tai Gallery ] 



[ Lettuce Gallery ]

[ Tomato Gallery ]


  1. I just started using neem oil too as a preventative measure and I don't understand something. Most of it seems to run off almost immediately. Is it always like that?

    1. You can try adding more but, you should see a thing oily residue on your foliage after you spray