Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Capsaicin Chaos - Episode 11 - Top & Spray



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[ Disclaimer ] 

    I'm not sponsored by anyone or anything.  All of my projects are self funded and any products shown or talked about are purely my unaltered, uncensored opinions.  If I am ever sent a product for free or anything along those lines at all I will make it very clear to you.  I give you my word that I will never talk about anything I don't or wouldn't use myself and if a product sucks I will always tell you no matter what.  With that out of the way enjoy the episode and thank you for reading!

[ Live Stream ]

    If you would like to see the plants live at anytime day or night you can head over to my twitch channel.  The live stream shows both grow tents and is up 24/7.  The stream can be found here.

[ Spraying Our Peppers ]

     Now that we have let our peppers soil get good and dry we are going to spray them down with some tap water to clean off the residue from the Neem oil we sprayed them with on episode eight.  Our gnats should be good and dead now and I haven't seen once flying around in a few days.  In the images below you can see my spray bottle.  It is filled with normal tap water with nothing at all added to it.  I'm really just looking to clean the foliage here so we don't need any nutrients.  I will start adding nutrients and doing foliar feeding very soon though so keep an eye out for that!  I have added pictures of the plants after they have been sprayed as well.

[ Topping The Plants ]

   Today I decided my peppers have all gotten big enough that its time to top them!  Topping is the act of cutting of the very node on our plants.  We do this to encourage the plants to split and grow two stems out in a v formation.  This will encourage our plants to bush out hopefully resulting in more flowers resulting in more peppers.  Normally I top around the fourth set of nodes showing up.  My process is very simple.  Take each plant, pull back clear the area around the top node and chop it off.  Below you can see pictures of the plants after they have been topped.  I will continue to show the progress of the plants in the episodes and time lapses as the plants progress.


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