Monday, December 11, 2017

Capsaicin Chaos - Episode 12 - No More Lettuce



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    I'm not sponsored by anyone or anything.  All of my projects are self funded and any products shown or talked about are purely my unaltered, uncensored opinions.  If I am ever sent a product for free or anything along those lines at all I will make it very clear to you.  I give you my word that I will never talk about anything I don't or wouldn't use myself and if a product sucks I will always tell you no matter what.  With that out of the way enjoy the episode and thank you for reading!


[ Live Stream ]

    The live stream is currently down while I shift the rooms around.  They will be back up by the end of next weekend at the latest.

[ End Of The Lettuce ]

   Yesterday I harvested all of my lettuce in order to free up my smaller tent for more peppers.  The lettuce came out great and I ended up getting two hefty sized freezer bags full of great tasting fresh lettuce.  Once all of our lettuce was removed and cleaned I went back and gave the tent a really good scrub down with Clorox wipes.  The tent will have some new peppers added to it very soon but, for now I am keeping the type a secret as they are being used in a little experiment.

[ Pepper Updates ]

    Now that we finally have our gnat problem under control are grow room operations are getting back to normal.  On Sunday(12/9/2017) I mixed up a new solution for our peppers and started to get a bit heavier on the nutrients.  Below is the new nutrient solution I ran for the peppers and some updated pics of them since our topping last episode.  Since the top and last watering the foliage on our plants is starting to explode and they are starting to bush out.  I will most likely tie them down in the next episode and start stressing.  I also added some water today as the Big Tai seemed to be curling.  I checked the soil and all the plants were dry a few inches deep.  Being that they are starting to veg really hard and are still in small cups they may need to be watered more frequently than I normally would.  I will keep an eye on them and transplant them to bigger pots if I find myself watering every day.  Keep an eye out for that and much more!


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