Friday, December 1, 2017

Capsaicin Chaos - Episode 6 - Time Lapse Stabilization



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[ Pepper Info ] 


Age: 11 days
State: Vegetative
Soil: Happy Frog
Last Watering: November 30, 2017

Current Nutrient Solution:


 [ Lettuce Info ] 


Age: 16 days
Hydroponic Setup: DWC (2 x Air Stones)
State: Vegetative

Current Nutrient Solution:


[ Overview ] 

    This week we have great progress on our peppers and our lettuce.  We even have the addition of one tomato plant that has popped its head but, we will get more into that below.  You can see in the section above the info on he solutions for our plants as well as more info on each grow.  I gave the peppers a small bit of water on Thursday(11/30/) and you can see in the time lapse that the peppers started to jump up immediately after being watered.  On Thursday I also picked three very small leaves off of our lettuce plants as they had a small amount of tip burn.  The new growth looks great so I picked out to three leaves with burn in order to force the plants to focus on the healthy growth.
    Next we we are going to start to bump up the PPM of our pepper solution and we should see them really start to grow.  Below I have added pics of each plant and the room in general.

[  Anaheim Gallery ] 




[ Big Tai Gallery ]





[ Orange Roma Tomatoes ] 



    About a week ago I put six Orange Roma tomato seeds into starter plugs.  Today the first one showed life and came above the top of the plug.  Below is an image of the seedling at day one.



[ Lettuce Gallery ]





[ Room Gallery ]



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